Property surveying is a crucial aspect of real estate and land management. It involves gathering precise data about a property’s boundaries, features, and characteristics. To perform accurate and efficient property surveys, professionals rely on a variety of tools and technologies. Take a look now at 5 essential surveyor tools that can greatly advance your surveying capabilities.

Total Station

Total stations are essential tools for property surveying. They combine electronic theodolites with electronic distance measurement (EDM) technology, enabling surveyors to measure angles and distances accurately. With a total station, you can collect data for topographic surveys, boundary surveys, and construction layout with high precision.

GPS Equipment

Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment is indispensable in modern property surveying. GPS receivers help surveyors determine the exact position of survey points, which is especially useful for large-scale surveys. High-precision GPS devices can provide real-time data, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Data Collectors

Data collectors are handheld devices that allow surveyors to input and store survey data in the field. They integrate seamlessly with total stations and GPS equipment, streamlining the data collection process and reducing the likelihood of errors.


Theodolites are optical instruments used to measure horizontal and vertical angles. While total stations have largely replaced traditional theodolites in many applications, these instruments are still useful for specific surveying tasks.

Aerial Photography Pole

One of the innovative tools that has gained prominence in property surveying is the telescopic aerial photography pole. This tool allows surveyors to capture high-resolution images and videos from elevated positions. It provides Elevated perspective, a saving of cost and time, detailed documentation and versatility across various locations.

Surveyor tools in action

Property surveying is a meticulous process that requires precise data collection and analysis. To achieve this, there are a range of surveyor tools and technologies, including total stations, GPS equipment, data collectors, theodolites, surveying software, drones, and the telescopic aerial photography pole.

The telescopic aerial photography pole, in particular, offers surveyors a cost-effective and flexible means of capturing aerial images for documentation and analysis. With this tool in their arsenal, property surveyors can enhance their efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver accurate results, ultimately benefiting property owners and real estate professionals. As technology continues to advance, property surveying tools will evolve, and it’s important for professionals in this field to stay updated with the latest innovations.