CCTV Camera Cleaning


The new Dragonfly® CCTV Cleaning Kit enables you to clean CCTV camera lenses safely from the ground without the need for ladders, scaffold towers, cherry pickers or other expensive lifting equipment. Heights of 10-metres can be achieved using the Dragonfly® CCTV Cleaning Kit, offering a versatile solution to facilities management and security companies to successfully clean cameras in sometimes difficult-to-reach and awkward places, both INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY.

The kit comprises of a small pump with rechargeable battery and bottle filled with pure water on a waist-belt, for pumping the pure water up a telescopic pole to a nozzle alongside a microfiber cup (for dome cameras) and a microfiber pad (for bullet cameras). The nozzle provides a fine mist for the microfiber pad to cut through dirt such as road traffic film, spider webs, general dirt and grime, etc. and allowing you to clean cameras at height safely, efficiently and quickly.

A trigger attached to the telescopic pole with a small coiled tube inside it controls the amount of pure water applied without the need to collapse the pole to moisten the microfiber pads.  The high tech bespoke microfiber pads are gentle on the lenses and, being machine washable, minimise any running costs. The belt kit is lightweight and comfortable to wear and the pole made from carbon fibre enables the operator to move around large sites freely and clean multiple cameras with minimal interruption or effort.


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