Poles for Aerial Photography

Capture it aerially, with BROGE you can...

Our BROGE telescopic camera poles allow you to take your photography to entirely new heights! 

A little bit of elevation transforms an image! Aerial photography has been made simple by the BROGE camera pole – lightweight, fully portable and high quality, they are a “no brainer” for any photographer wanting a quick aerial shot. Reaching up to heights of 18-metres, they provide a cost-effective means of achieving stunning aerial images without the need of lifting equipment or drones - making them an ideal solution for panoramic shots, aerial shots or for inspection cameras; and are becoming more and more popular in many industries for surveying, property photography, events, aerial photography, military purposes and many other applications. The time saved by utilising one of these is immense, as our poles are fully portable and can be extended in a matter of seconds.

Highly rated amongst our customers, these poles have proven themselves time and again – check out some testimonials here.

However high our telescopic poles take you, our prices remain low!

Please find the following video of a professional building surveyor, Harry Street from Commercial Property Surveys, using one of our BROGE 9-metre carbon fibre camera poles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7IAWVl5x0Y.



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The BROGE 3-metres traveller pole is manufactured from high quality glass...
Holdall for Camera Pole
The holdall protects the camera pole when collapsed and helps with transportation. Also...
Telescopic Mast with Tripod - 7.3metre
The BROGE Camera Tripod is a lightweight system that extends to a height of 7.3metres (24ft)...

Telescopic Solutions for

We offer the most comprehensive range of telescopic poles avaliable in the UK. With over 40 different options to choose from, poles can meet any task the user may have.

Military personnel using a pole to control a boat

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography for multiple purposes include property photography for estate agents, miltary purposes, professional photography, serious hobbyists, etc. 

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