On 15th June 2023, the Fire & Security Matters Awards will be held at the Coventry Building Society Arena. This event, in partnership with the Fire Industry Association, is a celebration of the outstanding achievements and innovations in the realm of fire safety. Bringing together industry experts, professionals, and leaders, the event promises to recognize and honour the organizations and individuals who have made significant contributions to fire safety practices. With fire safety as the focal point, the awards emphasise the importance of safeguarding lives and properties from the devastating impact of fires, as well as acknowledges outstanding achievements in areas such as fire prevention, detection systems, emergency response protocols, training programs, and technological advancements. 

At the core of the Fire & Security Matters Awards is the drive to promote innovation and highlight best practices in the fire safety industry. By recognising exceptional contributions, the awards encourage continuous improvement and the development of cutting-edge solutions that enhance fire safety measures. Whether it’s the development of advanced fire suppression systems, the implementation of robust evacuation procedures, or the adoption of smart technologies for fire prevention, these awards inspire industry professionals to push the boundaries of fire safety. And their collaboration with the Fire Industry Association amplifies the significance of the event and ensures that the winners truly represent the forefront of fire safety innovation. Composite Poles is proud to be contributing to this innovation with our fire safety products, such as the Vertifier™ V3 Smoke Detector Testing Pole, which you can read more about here; 

Smoke Detector Testing – Composite Poles 


 The Coventry Building Society Arena, serving as the host venue for the Fire & Security Matters Awards 2023, offers a fitting backdrop for this prestigious event. With its state-of-the-art facilities and commitment to safety through its range of events across business, entertainment and sport, the arena exemplifies the importance of fire prevention and emergency preparedness. The venue ensures that all necessary fire safety measures are in place to protect the attendees and create a secure environment for the celebration of excellence in fire safety. 


Composite Poles wishes everyone attending the ceremony a safe and enjoyable evening, and we hope to be one of those shortlisted in the future. You can watch our video recapping our visit to the Fire Safety Event, a sponsor of the FSM Awards below;