XR70-27     8-metre Camera Pole Testimonial

"Due to weather and doing other things today was the first time I could use the pole in anger. It is very well made and made my job much easier, it is so much better to have the stiffness of carbon fibre – getting a level horizon was simple.
There are some bits of kit I have bought that are mediocre and I wonder why I bothered, not so in this case, it is excellent for my purpose. Out of interest I have a Canon 6d with a 17-40 lens mounted on it connected to an iphone via wifi and it works well even at maximum extension.
My only criticism is reserved for myself – why didn’t I buy one of these a long time ago, and save a lot of hassle."

Nick Downey - Norfolk, March 2017



GX08     10-metre Camera Pole Testimonial

"Great pole, nicely constructed and very easy to use."

 Nigel Clarke - Bedfordshire, July 2017


XR100-27     6-metre Camera Pole Testimonial
"The pole is incredible for giving us a unique angle on the cars. I wasn't sure if 6 meters was going to be high enough, but it turns out that 3-4 meters appears to be the sweet spot so far. The strength of the pole is perfect for photography. In wind, with a heavy camera you can feel the force pushing it, but it doesn't wobble and blur the pictures."
See a full review over on the MotoVerso Blog

Paul Hadley – West Midlands, April 2018



HX05     7-metre Camera Pole Testimonial

"I've used it a couple of times for my underwater work, great piece of kit!"

Jack Perks - Nottingham, August 2018



XR30     5.2-metre Camera Pole Testimonial

"Your pole has saved the day on a number of accasions where a drone flight wasn't an option. THANKS!"

Tim Pestridge - Exminster August 2018



XR100  8-metre Camera Pole Testimonial
The 8-metre carbon fibre BROGE camera pole was tried and tested by proffesional photographer Ross Jukes. Check out the blog and review here https://www.rossjukesphoto.co.uk/blogfeed//broge-poles-how-to-get-a-drone-style-shot-without-the-drone. 
Ross Jukes - Birmingham April 2019