Tilt Correction Plate for Powerhead

Tilt Correction Plate for Powerhead

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The TCP Tilt Correction Plate is suitable for the Hague PH and MPH Remote Pan & Tilt Power Heads, plus other similar models. It is ideal for Aerial mast photography and when the power head is in a high position.

What's it for ? 

The pan & tilt power head has a tilt movement of + & - 15 degrees which is usually fine if the head is mounted to a tripod, but if it is mounted in a high position, such as on the top of a mast for aerial photography or a high wall bracket, you do not usually need the camera to tilt upwards. By using the Tilt Correction Plate the camera will start from a horizontal position and tilt down 30 degrees giving an extra 15 degrees of downward movement. The Tilt Correction Plate also has adjustment to move the camera forward or back to correct the centre of balance of SLR cameras with larger lenses.

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Part Number Description
CA0302 Tilt Correction Plate for Powerhead

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Product Specification

Size 115 x 64 x 5mm.

Weight 100g. 

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