CCTV security cameras keep a look out at all times. Day or night, they improve the security of your premises and provide peace of mind for the occupants. Over time however, if the camera is not kept clean the CCTV camera can degrade, becoming dusty and blurred and putting your property at risk. The cameras need to be maintained properly on a regular basis to prevent any malfunction or poor quality footage.

To clean your CCTV camera, our solution is the Dragonfly® CCTV kit. The new Dragonfly® CCTV Cleaning Kit enables you to clean CCTV camera lenses safely from the ground without the need for ladders, scaffold towers, cherry pickers or other expensive lifting equipment.

Reaching heights of up to 10mtrs, the Dragonfly® CCTV Cleaning Kit offers a versatile solution to facilities management and security companies to successfully clean cameras in difficult-to-reach and awkward places, both internally and externally