Extendable Telescopic Pole: Your Key to Stunning Aerial Photography

Discover the art of capturing awe-inspiring aerial shots effortlessly with our top-of-the-line camera extension poles, designed to elevate your aerial photography experience. Whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or a seasoned professional, our telescopic pole are the ultimate tool to take your photography to new heights – quite literally.

With our extendable poles, you can master the art of aerial photography without the need for drones. Explore the world from above and seize breath-taking perspectives with precision and ease.

Crafted with durability and versatility in mind, our telescopic pole offer a stable and secure platform to mount your camera. This stability ensures that you achieve remarkable shots even from considerable heights. Gone are the days of blurry or shaky captures; our camera poles provide the solution you’ve been seeking.

Unleash the full potential of your aerial photography endeavours with our Broge™ V3 Carbon Fibre poles range, thoughtfully designed to cater to this specific purpose. Choose from seven different sizes, ranging from 5-metres to an impressive 12.6-metres, offering you a variety of telescopic pole to suit your needs.

Convenient and Durable

Not only are our extendable poles highly functional, but they are also incredibly convenient. Collapsing down to a mere 1.5-metres, they become easily portable and storable, allowing you to take them wherever your creativity leads. The user-friendly clamps are spring-loaded and designed for effortless adjustment without the need for additional tools. With a firm grip and constructed from high-quality carbon fibre, these poles are lightweight yet rigid when fully extended, ensuring minimal sway even at heights of 9-10-metres.

Embrace the world of aerial photography without the complications of drone technology. Explore our range of camera telescopic pole today and elevate your photography skills to astonishing new levels.

Additional Option

We also supply glass fibre poles. Thanks to high quality composite materials, clamps and attachments used in manufacture, our poles are capable of a maximum payload of 2kg, allowing medium to large sized cameras to be attached to the top.


aerial photography using Broge poles
BROGE Camera Pole

BROGE Camera Poles are capable of extending to heights normally not reachable from the ground, providing an excellent cost-effective alternative to drones, especially in no-fly zones. The BROGE Camera Poles are proving very popular amongst professional photographers.


Details of the aerial photography poles from Composite Poles

using a telescopic pole for aerial photography
Take your camera pole to the next level

The BROGE range of camera poles are compatible with a vast range of common camera accessories, giving you maximum flexibility to suit your exact requirements.