Elevate Your Aerial Photography with Lightweight Camera Poles

Capture stunning aerial shots with precision and ease using our extendable poles. Our camera extension poles are the ultimate tool for professional photographers and enthusiasts seeking to take their aerial photography to new heights. Designed with durability and versatility in mind, our  telescopic poles provide a stable and secure platform to mount your camera, allowing you to achieve breath-taking perspectives from above. Explore our range of camera poles and unlock the full potential of your aerial photography endeavours.

Our new Broge™ V3 Carbon Fibre poles range was designed especially for this purpose, and consists of 7 sizes from 5mtrs to as high as 13mtrs.

Most of the Composite Poles extendable poles collapse back down to 1.5mtrs so it is easy to transport and store. With clamps that are designed for ease of use and spring loaded, they can be easily adjusted without the need for tools, giving you a firm grip as well as being made from high-quality carbon fibre. They are lightweight, yet they remain rigid when fully extended, and don’t sway when they are extended up to 9-10mtrs.